Zelines Siamese

CH/PR Chinki's Arabella of Zelines

Chinki's Arabella of Zelines is our girl, a CFA Champion, and the first one to have kittens.
UPDATE 3/10:  Unfortunately, Arabella contracted pyometra and had to be spayed, but is still a loving part of our household.  She is also a CFA premier.


Here is Arabella's pedigree.
          CH,GP Texthai Casey, Seal Point - 03/02/1993
     GC Jim-An-Di Precision Nirvana, Seal Point - 06/14/1995
          CH Claymar Lilly Marlene of Jim-An-Di, Seal Pt- 0/14/1993

Jim-An-Di Fast Frankie of Chinki, Seal Point - 12/24/2000

          Klinekatz Blue Chip of Jim-An-Di, DM, Blue Point

     GC Jim-An-Di Savannah Blues of Alexy, Blue Point - 12/01/1999 

          CH Jim-An-Di Nobody's Purrfekt, DM, Blue Point - 07/20/1998




          CH Fairydust Wizard of Catz-of-Clas, Lilac Pt - 02/19/2002    

     CH Catz-of-Clas Candy Kiss's, Chocolate Point - 04/23/2003

          GC Sandollar Sweet Charity, Seal Point - 10/03/1999

Catz-of-Clas Angie of Chinki, Blue Point, 08/21/2004

          CH San-Toi Brets' Blue Boy, Blue Point - 07/02/1998

     CH Catz-of-Clas Wish Upon a Star, Blue Point - 07-28-2002

          Catz-of-Clas Cyndi-Lou, Blue Point - 08/25/2001  



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