Zelines Siamese

CH Charjanie's Alia of Zelines

Charjanie's Alia of Zelines is a lilac point and has been shown as a CFA kitten.  We hope to breed her toward the end of the year and show her at least long enough to get her CFA champion ribbons.


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Alia's Kittens

Here is Alia's pedigree.
          Chromatics Ceylon of Nitelite, Blue Point - 03/10/2003
     CH Nitelite's Karma, Seal Point - 06/18/2004
          GC Nitelite's Celeste, Chocolate Point- 12/13/2001

Nitelite's Rihanon of Charjanie, Lilac Point - 11/18/2005

          Nitelite's Ultra Flash of Blue Isles, Blue Point - 01/02/2001

     Blue Isles Kauai of Nitelite, Lilac Point - 03/20/2002 

          GC Blue Isles Salina, Blue Point - 02/13/2000




          CH Nitelite's Falcon, Seal Point - 02/19/2002    

     GC, RW Nitelite's Izablu of Charjanie, Blue Point - 01/02/2001

          Pattam's Black Lace of Nitelite, Seal Point - 03/17/1998

GC Charjanie's Piddypat, Seal Point, 02/03/2006

          CH Hershey of Alycats, Choc Point

     CH Kibitz Mocha Latte of Charjanie, Choc Point - 10/20/2004

          MVAble Day's Last Light of Kibitz, Choc Point - 08/22/2000



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