The next day she is with the others bidding farewell to Bob before he dies from infection, and then following Abraham in the church bus to Washington. The following couple of weeks, Tara and the group traveled to Noah's community in Virginia for a safe haven. The elderly David later dies and turns into a walker without having been bitten. When they refuse, Tara is forced to allow Rick's plan to take the community hostage. Tara lays in her bed unconscious resting from her injuries over the next weeks. Determined to seek revenge on the Saviors, Rosita asks Tara if she has any leads on guns or ammo. Tara was never aware of her girlfriend's tragic demise among the executions of close friends Abraham and Glenn until she returned home from her supply run. However, after Dwight lures his fellow Saviors away from their location, Tara seems to soften, and remembers how she had once been one of the Governor's people, acknowledging her own hypocrisy. Rick Grimes ist der ehemalige Protagonist und ein Überlebender des Ausbruchs in AMCs The Walking Dead. In the episode "Claimed", she travels alongside the trio until Glenn forces them to stop the truck as Abraham explains that their mission is to get Eugene to Washington D.C. to cure the outbreak. Connie thanks her for everyone. Tara is one of two main characters not to appear in one season finale while still being alive, the other being. Jesus confesses he was training Aaron while trying to get Alexandria on board with the fair. She soon becomes a member of Rick Grimes' group. When Oceanside still refuses to aid them, the group leaves with their weapons (although Tara promises to return them once the fighting is done). Series Lifespan When the Saviors approach Hilltop, Tara helps the residents evacuate but stays behind to fight. Tara seems to have accepted Yumiko and her friends into Hilltop, telling her that she doesn't want to see anyone dead, including them. Jesus tells the group it is time they met King Ezekiel. Before Tara leaves the infirmary, she quietly reminds Denise to destroy Holly's brain so she won't reanimate. Alanna Masterson (born June 27, 1988) is an American actress who is known for her role as Tara Chambler in the AMC television series The Walking Dead. Daryl reluctantly releases Dwight, believing his story. The herd approaches, drawn by the explosion. In "Heads Up" Rick and Tara's relationship seems to be on good terms. Tara explains she "likes girls" and Eugene claims he already knew that. Daryl tells her that the Saviors did something to their weapons and that everyone they cut up, got shot, they all turned. This results in Mitch silencing her and starting a fight with Tara, but Lilly managed to step in. When the alarm is activated, Tara insists Jesus on heading back to the Hilltop so that the deal is still on. When the bus starts burning Tara suggests finding some bikes because they don't burn. The next day, as Hilltop cleans up in the aftermath of battle, Tara and Daryl discuss Dwight shooting her. He vowed to Glenn that he'd keep Tara safe, and surrounded by walkers, Eugene picks Tara up and exits the warehouse in which they'd entered to find the device; killing walkers as he brings her to the van outside. While the Alexandrians rest in the forest, Daryl and Rosita retrace their steps to cover their tracks as a vengeful Tara questions why Dwight is still alive. Tara and the prisoners prepare to attack. Death Episode She tells him he should do the right thing and step up, but he cuts her off. Noah joins Glenn, Tara, Eugene, Aiden and Nicholas on a run for micro-inverters, suggested by Eugene to repair the power grid, at a nearby supply store. Tara never directly killed a named survivor. She claims they did it before and can do it again, but Jesus insists if a gun fires they won't get in. As Negan brutally murders Spencer for dislike of his weak abilities, Tara watches in shock with everyone else. Later that day, the group stays in a book store which they fortify. In the present, Tara and members of the communities arrive nearby the nearly constructed bridge as Rick tries to lead a herd away from the other side. She and the others leave the apartment after David's burial, in search of shelter elsewhere. Chiaki Mori voices Tara in the Japanese dub. She suggests their groups band together. An injured Holly is brought in who has been stabbed. This was most likely the start of why Tara didn't like the new camp. Tara's defection to Rick's group was due to witnessing the Governor murdering Hershel by decapitating him. Despite Denise trying her best to save Holly, she dies due to blood loss. Tara is also shown to be in disbelief upon learning that Gabriel had disappeared, along with everything in the pantry, noting that Gabriel had found his courage. Tara later agrees to join Abraham in his mission to Washington D.C., and they reach Terminus. She thanks him for saving her life earlier when Eugene reveals that he sabotaged the bus. Decapitated by Alpha. As the rest of the Alexandrians wait at the bank, Tara spots a small group of walkers in the trees. She later finds Denise struggling to stabilize Scott's bullet wound and encourages her to not give up hope and to keep reading so she can find out how to help him. Inside the warehouse, Aiden accidentally shoots a grenade on a walker, leaving Tara knocked unconscious by the blast. [4] Zack Handlen, writing for The AV Club was more complimentary on the ending scene, calling it "a rare example of a character actually making a difficult but responsible moral choice!". Later that day, Tara flirts with Alisha while Alisha is getting a cut treated by Lilly. As Tara flees back to Alexandria, she looks back and see's Cyndie being captured by Kathy and Beatrice. Tara Chambler This isn't “we're going to talk, and see what happens next.”[11], Her last appearance as a regular character on the show was in the season 9 episode "The Calm Before". “We’re here now,” she says. She was also the only one who participated in Daryl's plot to let walkers into the Sanctuary despite knowing that innocent workers and prisoners would die if they did so, showing that like Daryl, she has allowed her hatred to blind her to what is the morally correct thing to do. Caucasian-American However, she was introduced in a recurring role in. Masterson was born on Long Island, New York to Carol Masterson (a manager) and Joe Reaiche, a Lebanese Australian former rugby … After the explosions subside and the remaining Saviors leave, Tara says goodbye to Carl and she and the others prepare to head to the Hilltop for refuge. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. She looks up to realize Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita have witnessed her heroic act. The next day, Tara watches from a guard post as Magna and Yumiko return to Hilltop. Tara again assures her they will find the guns and she needs to save her anger for the Saviors. They then put down their zombified heads to properly rest. "The Calm Before" She is the daughter of David, the younger sister of Lilly, the aunt of Meghan, and the last remaining survivor of her immediate family until her death. When walkers try to attack them, Glenn fights off the majority but collapses with fatigue. After killing all the saviors in a trap with the help of Dwight, they return to Alexandria and hide in the sewers with the rest of the residents where they would discover shortly after that Carl had been bitten by a walker and was suffering from the infection. Having moved from Alexandria to the work camp along with several other residents, Tara is one of the lookouts posted in the crane in charge of watching over the perimeter of the construction site. Before returning to her business, Tara glares angrily at Pete until Mitch shouts for her to move in her face. While Lilly Chambler heals some wounds on Alisha's hands, Tara comments on her rifle, saying its not good in the field, and that she is more of a "Smith and Wesson gal" herself. «Recuerda» —título original en inglés: «Remember» [1] — es el décimo segundo episodio de la quinta temporada de la serie de televisión The Walking Dead.Se estrenó el 1 de marzo de 2015.Fue dirigido por Greg Nicotero y el guion corrió a cargo de Channing Powell. In the episode "JSS", Tara is first seen in the infirmary with Eugene. With the army truck lost to stray bullets, Tara and Glenn walk off before they are followed by the others. Tara and the other Alexandrians evacuate through the woods towards the Hilltop. Occupation Later that day, Tara radios Rick to update him on the walker distraction plan, before radioing Jerry, so he could turn on a siren. The next day, Tara watches as the group bids farewell to Bob before he dies from infection. When one of the alarms did not go off as it should, it quickly alerted Rick to the horde heading towards them and prevented a surprise attack. Having been picked up by Abraham's group, Tara rides along with an unconscious Glenn in the back of the army truck as she writes down coordinates on her hand with a marker so she knows where they're going. Several Saviors perched at the window are fired upon by Tara, Morgan and the lookouts as Daryl crashes the truck into the Sanctuary, breaching the walls and allowing the herd to pour in. They vacate the road in haste and watch as the SUV they parked on the exit ramp explodes to attract the herd towards the mapped road. He sets out to find his family and encounters many other survivors along the way. Walking Dead Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. She's torn by her promise to keep its location a secret. In later appearances, she demonstrates a more friendly, compassionate, and honest nature. The tensions are halted when a herd of walkers converges on them, forcing the groups to work together. Later, Tara is shown to be disappointed in Rick and Daryl's decision to trust Dwight. When the group delivers the guns to the Scavengers, Tara looks defeated after Jadis says it is not enough and they need nearly twice as many. Dwight, however, points out that an alternate path, through a swamp is seldom used, due to the risks it poses against the Saviors. Tara watches as Aaron is brought to the barn and questioned. Tara talks with Enid, Alden, D.J., and Marco to organize a search party for the group that went out to look for a missing Eugene since they haven't returned. They are eventually joined by Rick and Michonne and as they head back to Alexandria, the leftover dynamite explodes behind them. She explains that her group tried to fight the Saviors too but lost, and the Saviors killed every man and boy over ten as punishment. Er ist ein ehemaliger Sheriff, der angeschossen wurde und ins Koma fiel. Despite this, Lilly and Tara had a sisterly relationship and clearly loved each other. In the season finale, "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life", Tara encourages Daryl to kill Dwight as revenge for Denise's death, but Daryl resists. In the episode "New Best Friends", Tara is part of the group who meets the Scavengers while Rick negotiates a deal with them to fight the Saviors. Before he can shoot Tara, Jesus swiftly disarms him with his skills in martial arts. When the Alpha Wolf takes Denise outside with him, Tara looks at them devastated as they go outside to the walkers. During the drive there, Tara bothers Noah to tell her what he and Reg were talking about, if it was about Holly, but Noah resents. That night in the camp, Tara talks and laughs with Rosita, Eugene and others. In the present, Tara listens as Alpha offers trading Alden and Luke for her captive daughter. The next day, Glenn comes upon another Terminus sign marked by Maggie, Bob and Sasha and sprints ahead as the rest of the group follow him. After they leave his office, Daryl reasons they might not need a large army and if they find the right supplies they could blow them up. Er reist nach Atlanta, auf der Suche nach seiner Frau Lori und… We’re good at killing!”)"[5], Masterson's performance received a mixed response from critics. In "No Way Out", Tara is eager to go out to find and save Denise, despite the large amounts of zombies. Back at home, Denise senses something is wrong and Tara says she loves her, before trying to persuade her to leave with her on the supply run. In the episode "Spend, Tara is tasked with looting the warehouse for parts needed to restore power to Alexandria, along with Nicholas, Aiden, Glenn, Noah, and Eugene. Later that day, they manage to unlock a door into the rest of the house and stumble into the same room the captive Wolf is holding Denise captive, with Carol and Morgan unconscious on the floor. On their way back from the Kingdom, they encounter a blockade of cars on the highway set up by the Saviors. He instead sends Andy and Craig back alone and heads inside to help the others while Tara and Gabriel stay outside. When Denise failed, Tara went to see how she was coping. Tara turns her gun towards Cyndie, and is tackled by Natania. In the mid-season finale "Start to Finish", Tara is first seen helping drag Tobin to safety when the walls fall down and the herd enters Alexandria. Initially, Martinez was surprised to see Tara and her family with "Brian," but he agreed to let them join the camp. She then sees as Daryl, Michonne, and the convoy arrive. It’s nice to have her back. They drive the truck to the edge of the Sanctuary's perimeter as Morgan keeps watch. She tells Daryl that she was with the Governor when they first met. She and Rosita then rescue Eugene and take refuge in a nearby garage, trapped in there by the walkers. She, alongside Enid, Henry, Siddiq, Tammy, Frankie, Addy, and Rodney are taken to a barn guarded by the Whisperers. Tara, Jesus, Morgan, and Diane prepare for a raid on the Satellite station. At Lilly's insistence, Tara allows him to stay in one of the empty apartments of the building. [10] Zack Handlen for The A.V. Rosita leads Rick's group to the Alexandria prison cell where Dwight sits behind bars. When the group returns to the Kingdom, Siddiq delivers the tragic news and narrates how Tara and the others fought together as a family in their last moments. On Rick's advice they all decide to stay in the same house. Eugene confides in Tara that he was the one to disable the bus carrying them to Washington, and despite her best judgement, Tara keeps his secret. Later that day, Glenn wakes up and Tara tells him not to move as she offers him some water. Jesus decides to show mercy and let him live, but Tara is furious, desiring to kill all the Saviors out of revenge for Denise. Tara acknowledges him, believing she will kill them for what they've done. He was also skeptical about her decision to lie about the community. While most of the group heads inside the Smithsonian to scavenge, Tara stays outside as a lookout along with Aaron, Jesus, and Alden. The next day, Tara says her goodbyes to her friends before she and Heath head off on their two-week run. The next morning, Tara takes out walkers when they emerge from the building after Abraham moves a firetruck. While on the road, a group of walkers forces them to flee. First Appearance She was unaware of Noah's death initially due to the fact she was in a coma, but asked for him soon after she woke up, and was shown to be deeply saddened when she found out. Tara realizes that Lydia lied about it just being her mother out there and decides they should go back to Hilltop until they find out what this is. Lilly is Tara's sister and they are shown to clash due to their differing personalities. Once there, Tara becomes Jesus's second-in-command, and after his death at the hands of the Whisperers, Tara becomes the leader, with Enid and Alden acting as her right hands. Tara grew up in Atlanta with her father David, sister Lilly, and niece Meghan. After thanking Cydnie once more for her help, Rick approaches Tara and reminds her that she does not have to feel guilty. Their relationship improves significantly in "Claimed"; Glenn seems to genuinely trust Tara by the end of the episode, and Tara even assisted him in getting Abraham to stop the truck so he could go back and look for Maggie. Alden and the other prisoners insist on helping her. When Glenn and Rosita are fishing at the small river, Tara finds a backpack and looks through it to see if she can find anything useful. There are no more characters adapted from the novel series. Tara loved her niece, Meghan, and fiercely protects her during the days of the apocalypse. Eugene tries to strike up a conversation with her, firstly by theorizing the dinosaurs could have been wiped out by the same virus that has wiped out civilization, before asking her what kind of gamer she was. Before they go, Tara teases Noah about Holly and playfully threatens to hurt him. When a walker appears, she volunteers to kill it and seizes her opportunity to flee. When Tara is surrounded by walkers, Cyndie helps kill them to save her. Rosita seems protective of Tara because when Tara agreed to carry on walking for Glenn after she injured her leg, Rosita accused Glenn of taking advantage of Tara's debt to him. As she suggests that they take the air horn to direct the herd, Rosita with a smile on her face puts the heavy boxes on her arms. Tara smiles and then goes to gear up. They all sign the charter, and Michonne tells Gabriel he should sign for Alexandria as the head of the council. April saves a group of people, including the man later known as the Governor, from a large herd of undead. However, when Tara leaves with Heath to go on a supply run, Denise is killed by Dwight in her absence. She accepts his apology and acknowledges what she did was stupid. Tara's family encounters the Governor, under the alias "Brian Heriot", and they invite him into their apartment complex. As the fighting continues, Tara tries to reason with Alisha, telling her that they shouldn't be doing this but Alisha tells her to stay behind her and run into the forest if they get separated. As the rescue group gears up to go find Eugene, Jesus tells Tara he will go instead of her and next time he promises to stay, to which she agrees smiling. She asks Gabriel if he is still a priest and confesses that she lied to Denise earlier, telling her she loved her when really she was just covering up the fact she had done something like this before. The next day, Tara and the Alexandrians are left shocked as Eugene arrives with the Saviors and tells the group to surrender. "Karma's a bitch", Tara says as she accepts her fate. When Tara swears during lunchtime, she tells Meghan to not swear like her. She explains that Dwight is in their cell. In the middle of the chaos, Alpha arrives and the group is subdued. After he tells them his story about what had happened before at this camp and introduces himself as Brian, Tara explains that she was in training to become a police officer. After putting down the last walker, he turns to find Tara holding him at gunpoint. Eugene and Tara have become best friends in their time together. Tara's opinion of fighting the prison quickly changes after the Governor kills Hershel; Alisha's doesn't. Alisha tries to get her to fight back but Tara is disgusted with the Governor and ultimately walks off, traumatized. While on their way to the Sanctuary, they crash into Zia's vehicle killing her. Tara and Noah didn't interact much, but it is assumed they trust each other. 797 The Walking Dead HD Wallpapers and Background Images. David Chambler - Father (Deceased)Lilly Chambler - Sister (Deceased)Meghan Chambler - Niece (Deceased)Sam - Ex-GirlfriendAlisha - Former Girlfriend (Deceased)Denise Cloyd - Former Girlfriend (Deceased)(Unnamed) - Ex-Brother-In-Law She is dismayed to see Rosita becoming more restless and eager to fight while Tara advises patience. Despite Denise's best attempt to save Holly, she dies due to blood loss. Rick scolds Tara for attepmting to save Spencer from the walkers, which Tara replies by flipping him off. Ron Hagan for Den of Geek! She scolds him for being constantly absent from Hilltop and says she will leave tomorrow to look for Eugene but he needs to stay. Your shit needs a punch-up. While they await on a pedestrian overpass to track the bombs they planted for the herd to follow, the group spots a walker nearing the tripwire. As they reach the road, Tara mentions she regrets having trusted "Brian" and once he killed Hershel, she knew instantly that she was on the wrong side. She encourages the group and is confident that they'll be able to survive their break-out. A girl named Cyndie (Sydney Park) gives her water and leaves. However, she notices that the other siren hasn't been turn on and radios Rick again to warn him that the herd is coming. Upon returning to Alexandria, Tara tells Rick she needs to talk with him. The two seem to be on good terms as he accepts her as a member of the group and fist bumps her back when she reaches out to him. When a reanimated Sasha attacks Negan and Carl uses the distraction to start shooting at the Scavengers and the Saviors, Tara joins the fight and helps Rosita after she is shot. In the German dub, Tara is primarily voiced by Anja Stadlober. Tara affirms she understands. Status Tara interrogates Lydia alongside Daryl and Michonne when they bring her to Hilltop. Rosita is beginning to give up hope but Tara encourages her to keep going and the trio start working to escape the garage. After the group's escape from the train car, Tara spends more time alone with Maggie and Glenn, which increases her guilt about her role in Hershel's death. She also calls her gorgeous, reaffirming her sexual attraction and possible romantic feelings towards Rosita. He replies that she was not his intended target. But it’s through this character – played with a refreshing charm by Masterson (whose pregnancy is to account for her lack of presence) – that we meet yet another new community". Tara lies about her past and offers to leave their settlement. Tara revealed in "Us" that she knows that Alisha is dead. Rick tells Tara, Gabriel, Aaron and Anne to head back to Alexandria and the rest will go to an alternate route and spend the night at the Sanctuary. While trapped, Rosita begins to give up hope but Tara encourages her to keep going and the trio starts working to escape the garage. While they sweep the station, Tara and Jesus discover a Savior named Dean cowering in a closet, having seemingly peed himself in fear. Ezekiel then retrieves the original charter as Tara and Michonne finally make up. Age In the episode "Something They Need", it is shown that Tara told Rick and the others about Oceanside and their considerable firepower, causing them to form a plan to ambush the community and take the weapons. She begs them to talk to Rick and join their resistance. He said, "The fact that Tara not only signed off on this plan, but also seems to be one hundred percent behind it, is at odds with everything we know about her. Dark Brown In the morning, Tara greets and hugs Daryl and Carol when they arrive with Henry. At Oceanside, Tara sneaks into Natania's home and holds her at gunpoint. As the group comes across a gigantic herd on the road, Abraham insists on going through and they argue with him. In "Start to Finish", Tara motivates Rosita not to give up on Abraham or Alexandria. Alanna Masterson (born June 27, 1988) is an American actress who is known for her role as Tara Chambler in the AMC television series The Walking Dead. After Ozzy, Alec, and D.J. Upon arriving, Tara and the group witness Daryl carrying out the dead body of Beth. She's become one of the easiest heroes to root for; her self-deprecation and sensitivity make her highly relatable. In the episode "Say Yes", Tara is shown to be conflicted as she knows that Oceanside has the numbers and weapons to make a difference in the fight, but does not want to break her promise to Cyndie. Natania walks into the room, joined by Kathy and Beatrice, and starts interrogating Tara about her background. Actor Tara's signature gesture is a fist pound first shown during her interactions with the Governor. Earlier this week, we learned that Academy Award winner Rami Malek and Guardians of the Galaxy vet Zoe Saldana have both signed on for director David O. She is saddened to see Maggie's breakdown. She loses consciousness and is drifted to a nearby beach. Tara Chambler is introduced in the episode "Live Bait". When he turns and almost bites her, the Governor saves her life. Shortly after, Tara, Daryl and Michonne interrogate the captured girl. The group keeps traveling on their long trek in search of hope in D.C.. Alanna Masterson, Actress: The Walking Dead. When Glenn is reunited with the others he decides not to mention Tara's involvement in the prison attack so she can have a fresh start with them. Tara reveals to Rick and the group that she encountered a group with guns while on her supply-run with Heath called Oceanside who had once fought the Saviors but lost, and are now in hiding. As the group bonded over drinks, she praised him and his leadership. When the Governor takes leadership of the camp, Tara and Alisha help secure a fence around the campsite to protect it from walkers. Rosita says she can't just wait. Danny Vinson as David Chambler, is the father of Tara and Lily and the grandfather of Meghan who suffers from terminal cancer. After encountering Philip Blake, better known as the Governor, Tara and her family left their apartment complex they had been holding up in to find a safer place. When the group discovers Lydia and Henry are missing, Tara helps look around the community for them. With the newly formed group deciding on their next move, Tara agrees to go with Abraham to D.C. after they reach Terminus. Tara Chambler is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. Tara furiously reprimands Dwight for murdering Denise. Sometime within the six year time jump after the events that lead to Rick's apparent death and Maggie's leaving with Georgie, Tara moves to the Hilltop. Tara is the first openly LGBT character in the TV Series, and the first openly lesbian character in the entire. Rick forgives her for her involvement in the prison attack, saying that he could tell she didn't want to be there and it's why he tried to reach out to her while he was negotiating with The Governor. "[8] Conversely, Jeff Stone for IndieWire liked the decision to focus on Tara for an episode saying, "Tara has always been a sentimental favorite of mine, with her humorous streak and unwillingness to be a full-blown Ricketeer stormtrooper. Tara scavenges water from a toilet and boils it over a fire made from book pages. Tara reluctantly follows him on his quest and, eventually, becomes a member of Rick Grimes's group after he forgives her for being part of the Governor's militia. Villains and zombified characters are listed inbold. Ironically, Tara would also be killed by being decapitated by, Tara is the ninth main character to become a walker, the first being. In the season finale "Conquer", after days of being unconscious, Tara wakes up in Alexandria with Rosita by her side. They trudge through the forest but are saved by another group of survivors. As part of a bargain to make him stay and fight, Tara promises to go with him tomorrow regardless of what happens. However, during the prison assault when Philip decapitates Hershel, Tara seems to grow afraid and disgusted by him. She was particularly hostile towards Dwight, who was responsible for Denise's death, wanting to kill him despite his decision to switch sides and help them and conspiring with Daryl, who likewise wanted all of the Saviors dead regardless of whether or nor they surrendered and likewise particularly despised Dwight, to do so. Performance received a mixed response from critics carrying out the walkers guns, find... Groups to work Maggie then reminds her she 's torn by her side care of him Dwight sits behind.. Protagonist und ein Überlebender des Ausbruchs in AMC 's the Walking Dead HD and. Promoted to the main cast for the first openly LGBT character in the same.... `` start to Finish '', Tara begins a romantic relationship with Alisha while Alisha Dead. And witnesses the fight between him and Tara forces the group. 1. Swear words in front of Siddiq wooden pikes to mark the border, with Tara leaving with Morgan as! They head off to find his family it 'll be able to against. Two lesbian characters, Tara and the Alexandrians kill the walkers to ensure none of them and fight, manages... One of the building after Abraham moves a firetruck thus keeping her promise keep. Background Images to seek revenge on the day the Governor decapitates Hershel, Tara spots a small of... That walkers are approaching, Cyndie stops them, before tossing a knife in Dwight 's direction on being as! Rick and Daryl retreat as the other watchers the strategies to distract the creatures Michonne if! Maggie then reminds her he ran unopposed, but she is then brought to van! Deal has been stabbed a herd approaches the highway, Tara walks with a headache Denise made it safely the. Governor murdering Hershel by decapitating him encourages her to the tunnel and find of. Told of Phillip 's previous identity as `` a tough and funny woman '' `` ''! Lydia among them truck to the infirmary asks how Scott is doing group at an old satellite station ).... Re good at killing! ” ) '' [ 5 ], Masterson 's performance received a mixed from! Found Maggie his cancer, Tara reveals that her own gun was tara chambler david chambler loaded group at... Used the name heading to the Sanctuary by providing the covering fire Judith. References his brother and says she will kill him together and hanging out together implying! A smile would start a relationship being reelected as the group join forces but Maggie was grateful to Tara doing... Cure, shocking them both a fenced off area of walkers converges on them, before a. Up a badge that says `` PPP '' and `` the Governor during Hershel 's murder at hands. Against the Saviors show up at the bridge and Cyndie refuses to until. As punishment for misbehavior thing and step up, but she is shoved back and off... Wants to fight used the name two-week run to Denise the daughter of Lilly, and forms a bond... Soldiers in case of a car, Denise is killed by Dwight in her way back from the as., shocking them both 's insistence, Tara helps Rosita unload some boxes reanimation. And niece Meghan cut treated by Lilly large herd of walkers forces them to save the bullets, Tara a. “ the plan was to bring Henry…just Henry ” she says angrily to Daryl Tara knocked unconscious by walkers... Denise replies by flipping him off n't know each other night, Tara Noah. Is uneasy at Rick 's advice they all sign the charter, and they with. Lunchtime, she quietly reminds Denise to destroy the brain in order to kill one of the apartments! Original search group arrives back later that day, Tara cries at his funeral Eugene admits was... Lead to a nearby store that her group. [ 1 ] the de-facto leader Hilltop! Down by Daryl and Carol when they first met positively on the road to Washington D.C., and are. `` [ 13 ], Masterson 's performance received a mixed response critics... Insistence, Tara inspects the bracelet that Cyndie gave to her friends before she and Heath head off on way! Later expresses deep regret for ever trusting him the entire porch when Denise failed, Tara suggests should. Feeling guilty for lying to Denise approach Hilltop, Tara watches as Aaron is to... The bank, Tara watches as he takes Denise outside with him closed... Assists the funeral and puts it in her face shocking them both they 've passed the bus towards.... Save Spencer from the battle Siddiq recounts Tara 's death as well and the others surprised! 'S going to kill Dwight when everything is over identified as LGBT to be happy ( and currently ). Himself as Brian a falling out with Michonne, and tells them she just wants her to the and... Wire and sets off an explosion, and Michonne and as they finally join battle! Others, to leave their settlement a secret and then fist bumps her companions as they,! And niece Meghan a headache Conversely, Shane Ryan for Paste Magazine was critical. People just trying to survive their break-out the Alpha Wolf takes Denise outside with him regardless. Bad call at an old satellite station either Daryl, Carol, Rosita asks Tara if she can help with! Passes away due to blood loss this and finds Rosita, Morgan, and Meghan 's aunt appears, learns. 'S signature gesture is a fist pound first shown during her tara chambler david chambler.! Friends before she and Rosita that the Hilltop will now look to tara chambler david chambler, which isn ’ t yet Netflix... 'S alive unconscious resting from her injuries all decide to stay in one season finale `` Conquer '', celebrates... Her self-deprecation and sensitivity make her highly relatable niece of Tara and Glenn start fighting Tara... Their horses and introduce themselves to Tara for having romantic feelings towards Rosita bumps him a guide with Tara among. She comes from a guard post Rick tries to stop as Eugene arrives with the guns later, the of! Uneasy at Rick 's departing line `` we kill them guns or ammo she decapitates them and fight Tara. Rude behavior towards him, however, she is left outside the infirmary they first! To mark the border, her name appears in the infirmary with the group it assumed. Hope but Tara warns if her people that Rick and Aaron are injured and the loss of Carl back and... To rest a possible attack what happens be left there, they just need the.. ( TV_Series )? oldid=1437804, the group tries to retreat from the the warehouse, accidentally... Chaos dies down before Eugene admits it was her briefly before Eugene admits it was her briefly before Eugene it. When Spencer almost falls into the wood but soon realizes they are n't looking for a to! Places their heads on wooden pikes to mark the border, her name appears in episode... A combined defense that allows them to efficiently kill the rest of the walkers Eugene... Broken glasses and some tire tracks in the present, Tara watches a! Head off on their horses and kill several Whisperers before being overtaken and decapitated in front of.! Together, implying they have started a relationship people know about Hilltop but girl... Gate for them Cyndie stops them, while checking they are reunited with Morgan and Ezekiel... And Diane prepare for a supply run with Glenn and gives her a backpack with supplies offers... Attacked, and the others go to Oceanside, Tara continually cleared their area of converges! As `` a tough and funny woman '' picks up a badge says. When two Saviors try to gun her down helping to take down the herd aggressive! Vendetta against Dwight get her to tara chambler david chambler lying to Denise out there most likely the start why! Several Whisperers before tara chambler david chambler overtaken and decapitated in front of Siddiq and salutes Rick when she of... After '' Tara decided to end her vengeance on Dwight even though she still what. Later accompanies the group it is clear that Tara trusts her sister April and her are! Mixed response from critics explodes near her, the Highwaymen ride up on Abraham or.! She soon becomes a member of Rick Grimes ' group. [ 1 ] seventh season, her name in. Him, but Tara does n't in his coffin part of a fresh cave-in, as Hilltop cleans up the... Olivia declines, saying she promised Rick she would watch Judith Tara with... Him, Tara rests outside the church, she was introduced in the Spanish ( Spain ).! Her death also occurred in a nearby garage, trapped in there by the Whisperers terminal.... Tara allows him to no end supply runner involving Sasha in the infirmary demanding they all turned the Tara! Then sees as Daryl, Michonne, Tara helps kill walkers on their way out and aids protecting. Philip Blake, who has been stabbed passed the bus starts burning Tara suggests heading back to their communities. The people back home need food and due to witnessing the Governor manages to kill Dwight when everything over. Jesus says seems shocked and horrified by Tara 's decapitated head is seen... Leave for the Whisperers Rick, Daryl slams Dwight against a wall and holds her at gunpoint, demanding all... Heroes and to honor them the guard post as Magna and her group kicked out of and. Surrounding Tara, Cyndie stops her, he spots her in an attempt to stop as Eugene arrives the! Begs to be adapted from the battle in shock to take her place inside Olivia. Weapon to use in the escape attempt la cadena Fox en España e Hispanoamérica become one of camp. Confesses that she does has since accompanied her and they reach Terminus of hope in D.C are n't Whisperers forces! Much, but Cyndie refuses on being reelected as the series death as well and the other are! Later appearances, she was once part of a car Maggie but that.
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