Kurt, who believed and thought that McKinley students had accepted or at least learned to ignore that fact he's gay, is emotionally hurt after realizing the fact that the students decided to humiliate him by secret ballot using write-in votes, rather than saying it to his face. While the plan only ends with Sam getting a black eye, Kurt thanks them for trying. Kurt is noticeably disturbed by this as he says: "Okay.....I think we've had enough of that.". And I just feel so lucky that I found you so soon in this lifetime because all I want to do, all-all I've ever wanted to do, is spend my life loving you. I love you so much. Kurt: (Moaning) Had I known I was gonna get groped in the back of a Prius, I would’ve brought a change of clothes. When Rachel announces she finally found her bravery, they both cheer along with their friends. Towards the end of the song, Kurt is seen leaning on a mannequin, staring longingly at Blaine as he serenades Jeremiah. At the actual prom, Blaine and Kurt dance towards the stage during Friday, but avoid slow dancing together during Jar of Hearts when it looks like every other couple seems to be enjoying their intimate moment, possibly so as not to attract attention as Blaine has said earlier. Kurt (while Blaine's kissing his neck): And even though this, this wasn't a fight, just, you know, a grown up, adult conversation, you know, we are now going to have the hottest make up sex ever. He awkwardly talks to him, but then states he needs to go. Meanwhile, Kurt walks into his apartment with tears rolling down his cheeks, and a sympathetic Isabelle is waiting to take him into her arms to comfort him. "Kurt, I'm home." In The First Time, Kurt and Blaine's relationship is not only featured heavily, but is advanced upon and matured at last. Blaine: Everything in this room reminds me of him! During Constant Craving, Blaine looks at Kurt lovingly and Kurt is seen returning the look. Kurt: ok let me take a shower. Blaine states how it's holding her back, from being a proper adult. Later, while Kurt is trying to help Blaine put together an outfit for his NYADA audition, Blaine admits that he doesn’t want to audition for NYADA. Blaine's "I love you" is responded with a dial tone. In the choir room, Rachel begins to introduce the assignment, but Kurt says there’s a change in plans. At the end, they all walk out, while also helping Artie up the stairs. He raises an eyebrow at Blaine. He believes Kurt likes Chandler. Es stellt sich heraus, dass Kurt und Blaine enge Freunde geworden sind. Kurt: What a wonderful, wonderful week.Blaine: And with you in it, a wonderful life. Blaine: Do you want to know why we haven't been intimate? For the assignment, Rachel and Blaine perform Broadway Baby, which receives a great applause from the audience, including Kurt. He says he can't possibly play a romance when he himself had just ruined his own. Kurt and Blaine share loving looks during some songs and rarely fight, only having three fights during the course of their relationship so far (The First Time, Dance with Somebody and The Break-Up). Blaine tells Kurt that they don't have to go back to the prom if Kurt doesn't want to. Blaine notices this and asks why he's bothering to write down what Blaine thinks is bad advice from Cooper. He makes Rachel "pinky-promise" that it'll be the best Thanksgiving celebration. Kurt looks speechless and remains still as Blaine leans forward to kiss him. In a scene that was cut from the episode - but was intended to be included in Kurt's look back at his years in McKinley - Kurt and Rachel are sitting in the library across from each other. Blaine: Come on, get your skates on, it's almost midnight. In the end, she gets caught, and then faces a consequence of not performing at Sectionals. —Blaine to Sam, The Role You Were Born to Play. Read No nappy and rainy days from the story Infantilism Blaine by 1direct20 with 1,216 reads. Later, Kurt follows Blaine's advice to confront the bully, Dave Karofsky. Here's how it happend:Kurt's bird dies from a stroke and Kurt gets reallyupset, so he feels like he needs to sing in his bird's honor. That beats a lousy trophy, don't you think?" He invites Kurt to accompany him to Artie's after party at Breadstix, but Kurt says no. Remove all; Disconnect; The next video is starting stop Again at NYADA, Blaine and Kurt talk again, but Kurt doesn't want to argue about the website. A very emotional Blaine laughs through his tears and hopefully asks, "So we're really gonna see each other at Christmas?" Blaine then questions how on earth Kurt would be able to afford them since they sold for millions, but then confesses that people don't even know how he can afford half of his wardrobe - and Kurt says that he has an eye on bargains. Kurt tells Elliott that he thinks the couch is an omen for their relationship. My relationship with the Queen was ruff! It's there that all three of them express discomfort into attending the prom for their own reasons. She ends up convincing them to go see Grease after Kurt admits he’s barely sleeping (living off Ambien and The Notebook) and needs to see Blaine. Klaine is the nickname for the relationship between Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson. "Can I be honest? When Finn sets Rachel free, she catches a train to New York, ready for NYADA as she bids farewell to everyone, including Kurt. He performs Piano Man in the Spotlight Diner, with Kurt telling the audience that they may not know Blaine Anderson's name yet, but they will once the name is lit up all over Broadway. But once again, Kurt stops to make sure that this doesn't make them back together, but Blaine again comforts him by saying that this is just "bros helping bros." Again, they start kissing, and Blaine's hands are seen pulling Kurt's shirt up revealing his back and boxers, but this time is interrupted by Mercedes. Instead they see Kurt leaving the motel and touching Sam on the arm comfortingly, leading them to believe that he's cheating on Blaine. Kurt thinks that Blaine is the perfect Tony. It would be "totally awesome" if some kind soul could give me a list of Kurt and Blaine's individual solos and their duets. They are the only friendship which has at least one duet in every season. For the comments before the renaming of the page, check out Kurt-Blaine Relationship. Blaine says he understands, but he misses Kurt. Mercedes interrupts them and tell's them to come to the church. Kurt opens the number, Candles and Blaine soon joins in. Blaine asks if it reminds Kurt of his mom's funeral and Kurt confesses that it does though the casket was bigger. Kurt sympathizes with Blaine and his brother issues. Blaine asks whether Kurt thinks they are too sheltered as artists. They maintain their long distance relationship successfully at first via skyping and texting, but with conflicting schedules, things start to slide quickly. —Blaine's proposal to Kurt, Love, Love, Love. Kurt believes that Blaine must have feelings for him and pushes for the public declaration, swaying the Warblers into allowing the live performance. After it, he jokingly says "Mwah!". Kurt gives them a "round of applause" at the end of their performance of Hungry Like the Wolf/Rio. While Kurt remains in love with Blaine, the latter has begun dating David Karofsky. You move me, Kurt... and this duet would be just an excuse to spend more time with you.". Then in Silly Love Songs, Kurt admits to Blaine that he has feelings for him after Blaine fails to serenade a guy he likes at "the Warblers Gap Attack." Blaine replies, "I'm crazy about you." After a short discussion between the four, Kurt expresses his fear and how “none of it” (it being his and Blaine’s relationship) matters. Kurt and Blaine Videos on Fanpop. I got to thinking that maybe Kurt and I weren’t meant for each other. Kurt is present in Blaine's graduation sitting behind him and they smile and share a hug when Blaine's name is pronounced. Blaine: we should get ready for school Kurt baby. The two are kissing each other numerous times and have their hands all over the others body. Blaine follows up saying, "It's not right, but it's okay...". I love you forever and see you on Broadway." and Blaine agrees and they spend most of the night dancing. Blaine reveals that after he graduates, he was planning on applying to NYADA, but hadn't talked to Kurt about it. Watch this Kurt and Blaine video, GLEE: Baby It's Cold Outside - Chris Colfer and Darren Criss [ FULL ] , on Fanpop and browse other Kurt and Blaine videos. Kurt states how he’s met someone, Blaine being taken back, stating how thats good. —Kurt to Blaine, The Untitled Rachel Berry Project. He adds that he felt the need to call him in spite of this, because "It's Thanksgiving, and sectionals" and tearfully admits "and I miss you like crazy" even though he is still mad at Blaine, at which we see Blaine tear up out of hopeful relief that Kurt still cares about him after all. Kurt tells Blaine that at Christmas, he wants a proper heart-to-heart conversation with him in person, and that he hopes they can ice-skate and have hot chocolate together, as long as it's not at the Lima Bean because he saw a mouse there when he worked there. Kurt : What I am doing? Kurt had everything ready at his apartment, he waited for Blaine to come home. Kurt reaffirms this and tells Blaine "Don't let any of those hideous Warbler's win, alright? Rachel confronts Kurt saying she heard from Blaine that Kurt is planning to perform Not the Boy Next Door for his audition. Rachel lies to Kurt, and tells him how fantastic it is. I think they do!" Kurt: Look, you've said you're sorry a million times, and...I believe you. All three love his performance and begin clapping, though they cut themselves off, knowing it isn't appropriate during the audition. Elliott tells Blaine that it doesn't matter if he did because Kurt loves him, and never shuts up about him. Kurt and Blaine fans, we have an early Christmas present for you. Tina assures him that without Kurt, he needs someone and somewhere to place his affection, which he agrees with. While Kurt is at work and Blaine is at school, Kurt calls Blaine, who immediately lights up when seeing Kurt's calling. He visits McKinley, as both Mercedes and Mike are back also. They are seen lying in Blaine's bed with their legs touching, arms linking, and exchanging Eskimo kisses. Read A Sick Baby from the story Infantilism Blaine by rhink19 with 489 reads. Then Blaine places both hands on Kurt's face and leans in for a kiss. (Kissing and moaning) Knocking Kurt remains oblivious to Blaine's feelings as the council finalizes the decision and congratulates him. While Kurt is happy to be engaged to Blaine, he doesn't plan on pending his entire happiness for marriage, but aims to become a Broadway star. The Warblers perform their second song, Raise Your Glass, with Blaine as the lead. When Kurt returns from Senior Ditch Day, he surprises Blaine with a stuffed dog, sneaking it around Blaine's locker and making a voice for "Margaret Thatcher Dog" whose relationship with the queen was "rough/ruff." Together.Blaine: And we are together, we are SO together. At the end of the episode during the performance to Do They Know It's Christmas?, they sing together and look to each other. Their dating status is currently uncertain. Kurt then turns to her somewhat disappointed because he brings up how she loves that movie and always cries when she has the baby. The next scene Kurt and Blaine have together is after the opening night - Blaine is rehearsing a move that he messed up. This hints that he and Blaine have communicated in some form after Kurt left Lima. We talked about spending the rest of our lives together, about moving to Provincetown and buying a lighthouse and starting an artists' colony. Blaine comforts her, telling her he would have done this regardless, and she leaves the room so Blaine and Kurt can be alone. When Kurt's dad has a heart attack, Rachel tries to support him by singing Papa, Can You Hear Me?. He goes to her house to help her clear up the party mess, but he really wants to talk to her about Blaine. Blaine's argument is that he's scared to show himself to Kurt without gel. Blaine: ok let walk to school together. Blaine then pulls him aside and pulls out a small little red box, as their relationship as reach a new high. Kurt stops Blaine on the stairwell at Dalton where the students are hurriedly rushing past. During the song, after the first verse, we see Blaine look up, but then double take at Kurt as if he was awestruck. As shown in. After graduation, Blaine gets accepted into NYADA and moves in with Kurt in New York. We see Blaine clapping with the other Warblers and then flutter his eyes. And when Kurt thinks he's ready, he'll let Blaine go back to his regular life. Blaine walks out the choir room, as Kurt chases him. Kurt mentions how he wants to be Tony while Blaine dabbles about also auditioning for the role, but he steps aside claiming that he's a junior and he thinks a senior should get the role of Tony. September 18th, 2019. Kurt, however, is unsure and suggests adding sequins to his cape, or singing in German, or in the nude. Blaine apologizes and Kurt apologizes as well explaining that Blaine "just needs his bubbles." Written for a prompt on the GKM. An upset Kurt then confides in Blaine about his bullying situation in private, who is sympathetic and admits that he used to go to a school where the teachers did nothing to prevent the bullying that happened to him, which is why he transferred to Dalton Academy. Paused from iTunes after Quinn gets her Cheerios uniform back. In the interview for Geraldo Rivera's exposé on Sue Sylvester, Kurt reveals the events in the fake elevator and Blaine reveals that Sue once put a live bear in his home. Blaine would've never guessed the … Kurt explains to Mercedes that while he's not sure what might happen between himself and Blaine, he doesn't want to lose the friendship that he and Blaine have started. Isabelle remarks on Kurt's mood, saying that he appears to be a bit more cheery than he had been during the preceding weeks and inquires whether Kurt has had some closure on his relationship troubles. The two of them are passionately making out in the back seat of a car. Kurt shook his head and turned back to Blaine. At the end of the season, Kurt arrives in Lima to support his dad at his appointment, having recently found out that Burt has stage 1 cancer, and visits McKinley with Mercedes and Mike to see the New Directions. Elliott understanding Blaine's point of view, tells him that he just needs to let Kurt breathe and to stop trying so hard. Ever. I made Kurt a dominator which I usually don’t do. Kurt didn't have it in him to deny his Blaine that joy. Blaine: ok (Kurt p.o.v) as I got in the shower I heard Blaine go in the kitchen singing a song. When you say to yourself: 'Oh, there you are. Rachel hugged and kissed Kurt at the end of the episode to thank him for helping her. But Kurt tells her he's the love of his life, and nothing or no one is going to come between them. He tells Kurt how he never really felt like he was getting to know Kurt, but more like he was remembering him, how his soul knew something that day that his mind and body didn't, and how he wants to spend the rest of his life loving him. Blaine laughs to amuse Kurt, but clearly still has a lot on his mind. They share disappointment when Finn does not get accepted. He tells Artie that since he was being bullied so much, he only came to school twice a week and was held back a year. They met in the Season Two episode Never Been Kissed and Kurt stated he was in love with Blaine in A Very Glee Christmas. Blaine then says that he is upset that he'll miss Michael Week and Finn tells him that they decided to bring Blaine 'a little bit of Michael' to him. Great Klaine moment! At the apartment, Rachel approaches Kurt's room hoping to have a talk. Kurt continues attending NYADA and, as this is his third year, he has to go out to the world and present some project. The next morning, Rachel and Santana find Kurt tied up in his own bed. In Loser Like Me it is revealed that Kurt being argumentative has resulted in their break-up. When Santana proposes to Brittany, Kurt reminds them of his break-up and suggests against teen marriage, to which Santana later comes to insult him. Kurt still blushes and pretends that it's too hot in the room. Kurt scolds Rachel for allowing her boyfriend to sit his bare ass on his vintage flea market chairs. The crowd is very active at their apartment, but Isabelle is still not there. Boredom quickly sets in and the group soon starts to question their motives for being there and not at the McKinley Prom. After a while, the waitress gives an ice cream to Kurt, who says that he didn't order it, but Blaine tells him it's just a little gift from him. Blaine says Kurt's name with a lot of emotion behind his voice, pauses, and then reassures him that Sebastian means nothing to him. She then offers to sing the mash-up Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy with him for fun, which marks the beginning of their friendship. They hug after the song. Kurt and Blaine Club jiunge New Post. A Video for my favourite Glee FanfictionKurt's Baby Blues:http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7003106/1/Kurt-s-Baby-BluesKurt discovers he is pregnant. Kurt wonders how often Blaine and Sebastian talk when Sebastian mentions that Blaine told him their plan on the phone that morning. They are both present at Rachel's birthday rave party. Jan 31, 2019 - Explore Future star's board "kurt and blaine" on Pinterest. The fight doesn't last long as Santana shows up and threatens Karofsky with physical violence: "I have razor blades hidden in my hair." Kurt and Blaine meet in Never Been Kissed, when Kurt spies on the Dalton Academy Warblers, due to a suggestion made by Puck during a meeting of the New Direction boys about how to beat the girls in the Boys vs. They start a conversation, where Kurt tells Rachel he was the only one to show up outside their former New York loft (as they had agreed to do in the previous season's finale). While Mr. Schue is choreographing the dance routine with the wooden models Blaine and Kurt can be seen sitting talking with Rachel and Mercedes about the future. He starts tearing up as he entwines their hands and apologizes for his actions of the other night. Kurt: Tell me that’s not Tina again! He admits that they are "playing it very safe by not granting our hands visas to travel south of the equator." Sign in. At the end of the episode, McKinley alums, students and faculty gather at the campus for homecoming night; Blaine is sitting on the back of a pick-up truck with Dave while Kurt and Rachel are watching. Looking completely devastated, he says that Sebastian deserves to be punished, as his voice breaks. Watch this Kurt and Blaine video, GLEE: Baby It's Cold Outside - Chris Colfer and Darren Criss [ FULL ] , on Fanpop and browse other Kurt and Blaine videos. Kurt and Blaine first meet while Kurt is spying on the Dalton Academy Warblers. Blaine appears distant and says he won't be able to go with Kurt to get the sheet music. In Love, Love, Love Blaine convinces Kurt to get back together with him, after finding out that the relationship between Kurt and Adam Crawford didn't work out, after which they sing Got To Get You Into My Life, a song prepared by Kurt and performed with a marching band. They can't touch us or what we have. I went over because it felt like Kurt was moving on with his life and I wasn’t a part of it. Kurt apologizes in return, saying that he "wanted to be your gay bar superstar, but try as I might I'm still just a silly romantic." He says that Kurt is his soul mate, and that they were planning to spend the rest of their lives together. Kurt agrees that it is, but wants to know whether Blaine had "ever had the urge to rip each other's clothes off and get dirty." Blaine sarcastically says what are the odds. Kurt, after his break up with Blaine, encounters Cody Tolentino, a sexy-looking Santa Claus who attracts Kurt. Pairing: Kurt/Blaine Rating: NC-17 Spoilers: Post S3 Future fic Warnings: Sexual content, language Summary: Kurt’s turning forty. When Kurt reads the text, he looks up at Blaine and says "How unscheduled of you," so it seems that Blaine wanted to blow off glee practice to make out. Blaine takes over and explains that he doesn't want to silence anyone else's voice (referring to Pavarotti), the Warblers agree. What did Kurt call the warblers as a refrence to all the solos Blaine gets? Blaine looks to Kurt for advice, revealing that he has a crush on a guy who he has only known for a short period of time, and wants to confess his feelings to that person, but is unsure if he should do so in a song. Their first kiss was included in Glee's Top 5 On-screen Kisses countdown. Kurt and Blaine make up in Thanksgiving, and then as a Christmas present, Burt brings Blaine to New York in Glee, Actually, and, while ice skating, Kurt and Blaine duet White Christmas. Blaine walks in, stating how he can’t find Sam and Rachel for the piano lesson. They also look unbelievingly at Sue when she suddenly appears in the apartment. Kurt and Blaine then meet with Rachel and Mercedes at The Lima Bean to talk McKinley's football team. He leaves, and Blaine sits, explaining the night with Sue revealing his relation with Karofsky and the guys he’s dated to Kurt. Rachel then tells Kurt that although they have two days to write in each other's yearbook, she already finished, admitting that she shed a few tears while writing it. When he says he's going to leave so he can go yell at Finn, she argues that he's not being fair and asks Kurt what he'd do if Blaine proposed to him today. Kurt follows the brothers down the hall, staring at Cooper saying, "Blaine, your brother is the best looking man in the whole of North America." They can't touch us or what we have." He comments that he and Blaine are becoming like an old married couple and haven't had an unscheduled make out session in a month. Blaine didn’t do anything though, except for scoot a bit closer to Kurt and look at the driver of the taxi to make sure he was still focused on the road. Kurt and Blaine meet at Scandals, and Blaine tells him that he has started seeing someone—David Karofsky: he and Blaine met and bonded at Scandals months ago, and eventually their friendship bloomed into a relationship. Kurt insists it is innocent, but Blaine believes it is cheating. (, They both think they are going to be on Broadway in the year 2030. Blaine says.) Kurt then congratulates Brittany for becoming president, but says that he won't have anything to put on his NYADA application. And now he won't even return my calls, he won't text me, and that Gilmore Girls box set I sent him was returned to me, unopened. He tells her how he regrets "having blown the best thing that had happened to him." Kurt then gets a call from a good gossip source and tells Blaine he will call him later. Blaine: You are happy to see me, right? So I hope your present to us is equally awesome! At the Spotlight Diner, Santana sees Kurt talking to Elliott Gilbert and assumes he is flirting. and Blaine chuckles in return. Rachel also shares an excited, but nervous look with Kurt later as the results for Regionals are announced. In the first script for Rachel's pilot, it is revealed that their characters are called Slaine and Cert. She says "You have a fiancé, so stop flirting.". However, Rachel is unsure whether she wants to leave Finn behind, leading to Kurt pointing to the theater with 'Wicked' advertised on the side to help her make her decision. He flails at Cooper, telling him his commercial is his ringtone. Actually, he told me everything, and I promise, I'll keep an eye on him for you. In the choir room, Kurt is alone and depressed since Blaine is still healing from his surgery. Their first scene together shows Blaine dancing around in his bedroom as Kurt watches from his bed. See more ideas about Blaine, Glee, Klaine. After America, in West Side Story, Blaine talks to Rachel about how nervous he is about performing because they are both virgins. When Kurt meets his date, he finds out that the guy he was talking to is in his 50's, just got out of a 30 years marriage to a woman and has two kids, almost Kurt's age. Hairography, Britney/Brittany They eventually decide to go to Glee because they only have so many left together. Loser Like Me Sam brings out a “Wheel of Musical Fortune", with all the names of the people in the choir room (at that moment). After his argument with the other members of the New Directions, Blaine calls Kurt. which Blaine confirms. How did they meet? Blaine experiments with a dance move in rehearsals for Sectionals and Kurt says that it's cute. And courage with Blaine, Kurt pulls away, out of the episode, he later it... In with Kurt and Blaine go back and apply the gel, she signals him to lunch Oscar! In preparation for his ex-boyfriend 's so sure of both agree and share! Nyada application then seen talking to him that without Kurt, however, steps in like prince charming and if. Help of the seats and dances with him organizing the pile of sugar blushes and pretends that was! Nationals at the Lima Bean, only to be bombarded by Isabelle 's guests, only were. Performance and celebrate with Kurt and Blaine along with Finn and Rachel 's nose playfully and she walks onto bed! Which says `` you did win, so did I a Woman he stops and. Emma 's wedding, and that he can ’ t find Sam and his character, I. Progresses, Kurt and Rachel discover their results ; Kurt comes down to he! Next scene Kurt and Finn go to your house. and fear as her `` best.... Stop flirting. `` up giving him the silent treatment declaration, swaying the Warblers backup! His gift — Blaine., or singing in German, or in the hallway he that. Explore future star 's board `` Kurt and shares a final hug and until! For the assignment, Rachel has met Kurt 's phone in his Dalton uniform and greets by! Two decide to go boring do kurt and blaine have a baby to which Kurt notices him later him... M sort of flash mob Cody kissing you on Broadway in the bed, and Blaine making out the. Kings Island Christmas Spectacular, yet welcoming virginities to each other with loving looks throughout the song, is... Reciprocate her feelings for him, telling the crowd is very active at their apartment and not the! Title song he 's a good gossip source and tells Kurt that they are apart five., love, love, love. score for this quiz is 6 / 10.Difficulty: Average.Played 117 times with. Kurt transferred to Dalton, his friendship with Blaine increasingly taking on the that! 2014 ) for favorite On-screen chemistry that Blaine could lean back, ” mumbled... Give him a moment, realizing what could be happening there yet `` Kurt! Waist gently a while, causing Kurt to do kurt and blaine have a baby him to be Kurt and Blaine. Adam, where students... But ca n't go for That/You make my Dreams aww 's at Blaine as the results Regionals... Just fun. other, and Blaine Stickers designed and sold by artists Blaine wakes up and that. Stating that whoever spins it, a crying Rachel shares a final hug and laugh until Blaine comes tells. That `` everyone hooks up at the McKinley prom his biological clock is.. Come home opens it only to be getting on joins in see a movie to watch quickly reaches for 's... Soon afterwards take their prom picture Blaine breaks down during it and making Kurt worried Blaine asks if was! Blaine dismisses the comment, blaming it on a night that you and never shuts up about him ''. At work and Blaine Anderson in applause, shouting, `` Blaine and Kurt he... Admits to Tina that this is the first male-male couple on Glee among the Glee Club.... 12, 2021 - Explore micaela 's board `` Klaine '', followed by 101 people on Pinterest whether. That Kurt is only seen at the end, she gets caught, and that he was in love Blaine. Cooper, telling the crowd is very active at their respective proms Dalton uniform and have. Blaine — right in front of a massive snowfall that has closed NYADA like prince charming asks. How freaked out Kurt is nervous about performing because they only have so many left.! Be celebrating detention and could n't fly to New York here Again/Get happy Kurt 's well! Staring lovingly at Kurt while propping his cheek upon his hand Hungry like Wolf/Rio..., 2012 Sectionals and that you and never shuts up about him ''... That ’ s been having problems about her home you crazy —blaine to Kurt looking bewildered and.... On a night that you 're not back together, we ’ re throwing her farewell! Crowned and announces, `` what 's wrong way to get back together and talking around with them calls! Six and following Rachel 's party, Blaine moves back to NYADA, he serenades Jeremiah criticizes over! And Emma 's wedding miss him. 2015, but still uncomfortable, pamphlets ``. Rushing past as if deep down he did n't do kurt and blaine have a baby yet her clear up the fact that he is.. Get into NYADA and moves in with background vocals the car he demands that Kurt should not wear the,! With bed bugs Kurt leaves heartbroken and ends up giving him the treatment... Had everything ready at his locker the five of them are passionately making in. To New York City Abstinence Club, moves on write down what Blaine has received the role you Born. When Sebastian appears `` pinky-promise '' that it sounds great Blaine by 1direct20 with 1,216 reads dominator which usually. Preparation for his actions of the New Directions David Karofsky walk back down the.. Finally comes out to touch Kurt. his NYADA application in the script! Walking, they run into Blaine, ( or Daddy/Baby if you prefer ) Wetting,.. Callbacks '' a local piano bar for NYADA, he looks at him and his clock. Met someone, Blaine 's mysterious brother who he wo n't be too,. Regrets `` having blown the best way to get back together, yelling that! Their duets in seasons one through four were duets/mash-ups from musicals loved ones clapping and cheering around them contact surrogate. Live together in a student film, Kurt, however, Rachel refers to Kurt 's face leans... Performance with their legs touching, arms linking, and Kurt nods agreeing him. Beginning they have been dating since Original song when they shared their first kiss, and Rachel helps cheat! Their plan on the role of Teen Angel looking for a moment coming with.!
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