My son's elementary school doesn't have a/c. Privatisation and the shock doctrine which has failed whenever put into place would fail again with education leading to even more lack of social mobility tan now. The difference in "spark" and intellectual curiosity I saw between the little kids and the "successful" graduates of Japanese high schools was shocking. Secondly, no control over distractions. I think a lot of people here could learn a lot about education in history and today by checking out the following link: It's impressive, given the easy access to information provided by the internet, low cost of travel, and relative affluence of most Japanese. And although i didnt pay much attention in class I was able to communicate with people in English through the internet and enjoyed a lot of entertainment content (movies and such) without subtitles. Are Japanese students interested in studying abroad? I don't like professors telling what I should do with my kids. We never really stop being students and the learning should never stop. I would like to give my humble opinion regarding English education based on my own experiences. No Exams for The First 3 Years of School. Note: BUT NOT ALL (in caps for those who have trouble reading). What's the word for people like that "Mental Hermits?". Abolishing public schools would take the already ridiculous situation of middle schoolers "choosing" their high school via multiple exams and apply it to all five-year olds. So do the grandparents, teachers, coaches, even Buddha. By the time most Japanese students are 18, they. Some of it is specific to Japan – read on to find out. Unfortunately, it will never happen, because it will eliminate a whole lot of jobs for people who couldn't otherwise get jobs. Despite all of the years spent studying English, the average Japanese person is nearly helpless when put in an English-speaking-related situation. Moving on to the education system proper, it's also worth looking at what cognitive skills – and skill sets – the education system imparts. Instead of introducing the reader to the relative merits of private education over public education we are instead subjected to several paragraphs on child prostitution not being an educational issue (irrelevant), Japanese English teachers not being able to speak proper English but its OK because Japanese don't need English anyway (????) Also Japan's economy has experienced a fifteen-year malaise, and many people believe that an inflexible educational system is in part responsible for the country's economic problems. I would really need to see reliable stats to be convinced about whether these are indeed on the increase, or have declined but still persist as problems. By that I don't say that "good English" is easy - but almost no one speaks "good English". How can you justify teaching someone 6 years of English language instruction just for reading a mail? and private teachers compete with each other. I find this a very interesting question. And the methods of teaching must change. Example, if a teacher is assigned to 2nd year English in the following year, the current years teachers won't offer them help, lesson plans, resource materials, etc. 2) All schools should be privatized? Problems with Japanese Education System. Another "no testing" and "no compulsory" comment. mike-is-in-tokyoMar. The Australian equivalent of this is the preparatory grade (commonly called 'grade prep' or 'prep'), which is the year before the first grade. My view of the problems in Junior and Senior high is that unless a teacher such as an art teacher or music teacher, teachers do not have their own rooms. Secondly, teachers are there to teach, and like all jobs, some are better than others. What is Kids KNOW teachers can do nothing, and so the only thing silly about the current situation is that teachers expect kids to behave. The arrival of modernization in Japan was therefore comparatively late, but education underwent very rapid development within a short space of time. The only kids in school would be ones that want to be there, and have a specific reason for being there. Does that make sense? It is also the reason why bullying can fester, as the students are not supervised for much of the day. This has been a very educational thread indeed! As a result, each teacher is left alone as an island to deal with their own situation. When we lived in the Japan Alps, I was surprised to discover a free school in the next village, which had been started by a famous woodblock printer. Whether the education system is the main factor in this is unclear. Stop denying what has already been established beyond any shadow of a doubt, English IS NOT optional. The first one is created for children from two months of age. education and training as part of the broader education system, MEXT is implementing new policies and programs and is discussing the establishment of a new type of tertiary education institution in the vocational education sector. One thing you took for granted is the cost. It would be better to teach children other languages like Chinese or Spanish, since they have more native speakers around the world than English (if you don't count India) and since they have much higher intrinsic difficulty. The fact is - as I pointed out in a post on JT recently - the Japanese education system serves the very large companies in Japan (the ones who do the mass hirings). behavioral problems aren't educational problems. I absolutely refute this. In short, if your doctor can't read English then you're not getting the best treatment. Minor miracle, but there are some wonderful young people in Japan - in spite of the "education" system here in Japan. Not many Japaneses have interest in the international media and they only consume products and services that are already translated and localized. Showing up in court, getting calls for police instead of calling the parents, the list could go on of things they have to do. These things simply didn't happen at the Japanese high school I went to for two years. Yutori kyoiku was a HUGE part of the problem as well, yet that has been dialed back and seen to be a mistake too. Who knows, maybe Mandarin Chinese will replace that in the future, but for now it is English that is necessary for global competition. It couldn't be another instance of the triumph of ritual over validity, surely? Teachers and admin staff are professionals trained to make a balanced judgement call about the severity of a student's action and will administer an appropriate punishment. They are forced to make elementary school curricula because J-teachers have no idea and there are no standards set out by the government who made it mandatory that English be taught. Put a price tag on a necessity and just wait and see what happens. When Anyway, Mr. Valentine totally failed to answer the question he posed in his article, namely, what's wrong with Japanese education? Yes, the parents should be teaching this any way, but the school also has a role to play in setting and maintaining social boundaries. Spread the loveOnce upon a time, enthusiasts designed a formal education system to meet the economic demands of the industrial revolution. Behavioral problems become educational problems when parents are too busy doing whatever they are doing and allow schools, from day care, and up, raise their children instead of them. And the new 'public schools' will just be the cheapest private schools which have the lowest academic standards. There has been big media hype about classroom violence toward students and teachers, childhood prostitution by some middle school and high school girls and general unruly behavior unacceptable according to Japanese customs and traditions. When one designs a curriculum for school children one asks the basic question, "What skills will these children need for work when they graduate?". Wow! Why do you think the Koreans, Singaporeans, Hong Kong Chinese and mainland Chinese are in the process of eating Japan for lunch? You say the printing press was responsible for widespread education. My view is that the lack of personal research projects, computer presentations etc in other subjects inhibit Japanese youth in developing these skills. other people decide how to discipline someone else's children, it is always a bad idea justified as necessary and good. I can't remember the last time I used trigonometry or geometry, but it is taught because these skills may be required in a few careers like engineering and it is too late it all at University if the student arrives with just the basics. Because that is what a language is, a communication TOOL, its not something you have to memorize in order to get good grades. See samples of the jobs in Japan for the New Year! How is that different from overseas education's? That is the purpose of School they are making school redundant. Tama; I agree with most of what you said, but one point needs to be very clear: education canNOT be provided at "no cost by the state". From this initial problem, everything can flow- teaching methodology, discipline issues, teacher training, the entire cram school industry, etc. following the author's logic, we don't need no government for social things. Johannes: There are a number of nations that have officially more than one national language. For example, the Japanese government invests in simple school buildings, rather than decorative ones. By 1945 the Japanese education system had been devastated, and with the defeat came the discredit of much prewar thought. Kids need a real break between the end of year and the beg of the next. In fact the exact opposite of what the author of this article is recommending. The Education System in Japan. much worse. It may have shifted away from Japan specifically, but US President Obama's praising of the Korean education system shows that this trend is still going strong. Now, let’s not forget that most young people are probably more proficient in using computers and other IT gadgets than some people in this forum. There was some media hype about teenage prostitution in the early 2000s, but let's remember this is the same media that broadcasts yarase documentaries and has paid money to women in the industry to act as divorcing moms. Stats have shown that the overall bilingual fluency percentage increased, regardless of whether the kids were 'intelligent kids', as you say, or not. The media tends to report what is trendy. This chapter was written with regard to education in Japan and its effect on the children reliant upon this system. High school dropout rate: Japan’s high school dropout rate is at a low 1.27%. I have been involved with various forms of "free schools" and visited the Summerhill School in the UK which was founded by A.S. Neill. Japan is so advanced in so many ways yet so behind in other ways. Hojo, with the exception of guns, those other problems are all in schools here. Sure, you say let private schools compete with each other, and you seem to imagine that this in itself will drive fees down to levels affordable to - what - the majority of the population? Synbiosis makes an excellent point about speaking English on a daily basis being the key to success. I had the good fortune to work in very different systems of education or learning. Austin I think you are right, it HAS been successful. when i was at school i was also thought morals, right and wrong not just facts i had to cram. I don't even see how he could lump the first two into educational problems.. ridiculous. The United States typically (though this … In researching the K-12 Japanese educational system, typically compared favorably to … In fact, I would say teachers are quite a way down the list when it comes to these matters because they aren't policy makers or curriculum writers, they aren't the parents of the kids, they don't run the schools. I could see English being an elective, but making it mandatory seems a bit extreme. "STOP TESTING." Now I realize that what i was doing as a hobby, as just a way to enjoy myself was the key to get the language, as a lot of you people said USING the language on a DAILY basis. "STOP TESTING." I don't know much about the whole ALT system, but I DO know that in many places the JET programme has been done away with and ALTs privately hired by municipalities under even lousier contracts. Current English education system in Japan lacks even the most basic training on the pronunciation. Yōchien(幼稚園, Nursery school) from 3 to 6 years old. By the time most Japanese students are 18, they. It really fails to get that point across however, for a number of reasons. Second, all of the article leading up to that point does absolutely nothing to support the argument. And yes, there are many proposed solutions out there. Not working in education so will limit my comments. That some professions still use Latin, Greek, etc can't be denied, but in most cases speaking Latin and Greek fluently isn't required to practice these professions, for example one can be a fine lawyer or doctor without having taken a single Latin or Greek class. The simple fact is that many schools are concrete boxes with no central heat, no a/c, no green space, and look more like prisons than educational institutions. Frungy, "To fail to teach English is to fail one's students.". China embraced the idea that English was the language of business and has reaped massive benefits. You must not have kids in an elementary school without a/c. The root cause is almost always the parents - people who are not preparing their children properly for the expectations of school life and who refuse to accept that their children have done the wrong thing at school. Is it cost-effective to teach any mathematics beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication and division? The issue of the Center Test is another massive one- too often, copyrighted material is used freely for these tests without the consent of the creator. There is an amazing lack of curiosity about the world, lack of ambition to study overseas, lack of desire to do anything other than become a drone. My proposal was accepted, several tutors were assigned to me who I would meet once a week to discuss my progress. Education systems are really distilled versions of the societies in which they exist. Japanese students and the majority of the Japanese people do not speak English because they do not see the need for it. Yeah, I meant at no additional cost to the people after their taxes and what not. The Education System in Japan. Elimination public school sounds like a US republican politician trying to eliiminate "expensive" pensions to say money and off-load this expense on hardworking families... From what I understand all of the problems outlined in this article were much more serious in the 1970s and 1980s and public school violence and teen prostitution have declined. The biggest and simplest answer to "what is wrong" is that the tail wags the dog. And, has Mr. Valentine even considered for a second what would happen if all schools were privatized? No. There was a Rudolf Steiner school for children, and nearby, was the Emerson College based on Rudolf Steiner's insights. You are correct - English is not a must-know language in Japan. And let parents and students choose their own education. English is not a core language for many professions that still use German, Latin, Greek, etc as their basis. 27, 2012 - 08:42AM JST I never intended to criticise "non-intelligence" or judge anyone. Let anyone who wants to be a doctor become one and let the market place decide. All interesting stuff! Japan's educational system, in particular its K-12 schools, remains one of the very best in the world. In New York City, private school teachers are grossly underpaid and most teachers considered it undersirable work or a last resort. At the expense, of course, of the children. In a 1996 poll, 64 percent of the parents surveyed said they distrusted teachers and 67 percent said they were unhappy with the education of their children. People do not realize that discipline problems should not be a concern at all. That alone is enough reason to keep the language on the curriculum. Free food is a right. This guy should be giving away bibles in the street rather than posting here. And, I love it when other parents or other people dictate what I should teach and what not to teach to my kids. Teach English, not Katakanago. Problems of education after World War 2 and in the future in Japan Japanese version, here Shoji Sugita The main reasons for the problems educational in Japan stem from very fast economic progress and technological development post WW2. This figure is indicative of the high standard of education in Japan. Thanks to all the posters here. next -- childhood obesity considered as an educational problem? This is because professors are not part of the educational system. The biggest problem lies in the educational system of Japan itself and the entrance examinations of universities. Even though there are many problems in education, there are those of us who still strive to change preconceived conceptions of education one student at a time and the teacher will only ever appear when the student is ready. Governments don't have a magical money tree that they can pluck dollars from at will. Problems like absenteeism and bullying are on the rise at Japanese schools. Let private schools and private teachers compete with each other. The main cause is the regulation of university entrance examination criteria. The Fundamental Law of Education in Japan was introduced in 1947, changing the educational system to the 6+3+3+4 structure. The earlier one practice another language, the easier it’s going to be learning. Solution? Most people worry about paying high tuition fees to private schools. Instead of kids in their early teens being mocked for their inability to get into the "best" high schools, now you're also having five-year olds receiving that kind of abuse. It also doesn't help that the tone of the article is extremely argumentative and gives the reader the feeling he is being yelled at by the author. There are real alternatives to education based on the needs of the individual children rather than a system. and so on and so forth. Not only is it sound educationally (see Finland), but it would also shift the focus in the classroom away from grammar and writing only (with an emphasis on perfection) and towards speaking. One approach could be to start at the university level. Ignoring that fact won't improve education here. Where does one even start?! The solution was to introduce Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) from abroad to teach and communicate in English with the students, Japanese teachers taking English lessons outside the school time and introduce standardized English exams. Mapping for frequency, the study found distinctly larger numbers of suicides at the end of August and beginning of September, as well as during the middle of April. I highly agree that the English education is a joke. 27, 2012 - 12:59AM JST Japan had 20% of respondents answering "Not at all" or "Very Little", the highest number excluding South Korea which had near 29% answering so. But to respond violently is not normal, or justified, and from my experience in education is usually indicative of problems at home or a specific condition. Koichi recently wrote an article entitled "Why Japanese Education Succeeds: Amae, Stress and Perseverence" – this article is meant to be a rejoinder exploring not really the successes of Japanese education (which there are many), but its limitations. In-line with the government’s aim for an inclusive society in which individual educational needs are met for every student, the vast majority of special needs children (98% in 2007) are taught in regular schools, according to the National Institute of Special Needs Education (NISE). To fail to teach English is to fail one's students. But everybody fails to realize that private schools are only expensive because public schools exist. Wow... can't believe I agree with you, but I do 100%. Anyways, essay-writing is not emphasized greatly at the pre-university level given that the University Entrance Examination (センター 試験(しけん); 2013 sample can be found here) have no essay based component and are entirely multiple choice. Email: End of story! Yes, you read correctly. For economic reasons or otherwise, the Chinese are more motivated at and apparently better at learning English as a second language, and most of my Chinese-Canadian friends back home had to attend Chinese language school on weekends because they're parents felt it important that their kids learn the language of their ancestors. At the public elementary school where I taught before, students are given one hour of computer instruction every six months. The purported argument of this article is that in order to solve Japan's educational woes the public education system should be abolished and replaced with a private one. Shōgakkō(小学, Elementary school) from 6 to 12. The teachers operate within the system they find themselves in, firstly. Not on planet earth. But if the education system is going to incorporate it into their classes, they should do it right. The one thing I have been grateful for is that the mrs & I dont have kids, honestly I could NEVER forgive myself for putting kids into the brain crushing, soul destroying system that is education here! We don't know how strong the effect of each direction is but any self-evaluative surveys must be qualified by this possible bias. If they do not test how will they know if they are doing better? English teachers aim to teach grammar ,not communication. I agree with what you say in your article and you bring up some good points. The biggest problem encountered by the colleges of technology in the Japanese school system, is that the element of the dual school system was brought into the democratic 6-3 single-track school system that was put into practice under the educational reforms instituted after World War II. At present the testing system means there's not enough speaking. But the descent will begin again in 2018, with the 18-year-old population projected to fall below 1 million in 2031. There has been big media hype about classroom violence toward students and teachers, childhood prostitution by some middle school and high school girls and general unruly behavior unacceptable according to Japanese customs and traditions. Not only is the Japanese testing system not educationally necessary (Finland achieves better results with almost no testing), but it is also dangerous and destructive to the children's health. This is true in terms of perseverance, stress tolerance and conscientiousness. The entrance tests for all levels of education dictate what happens in the classroom. The teacher has to start from square one and do everything again. Japan's education system will change when Japan changes. 4. Time spent in the classroom is simply not enough for teachers to instruct every student, to teach them what they need to know. English is the language, "of trade partners, academics, technical experts, advisers, tourists and popular culture" (Adamson, 2003). This is all very amusing. b) It will probably get rusty and you wont be able to use it as desired. I'd go further and say that in my 20 years in Japan, comparing the generations, the Japanese education system is more successful now with its aims, than it was 30 years ago. Constitutional law on the other hand? They allow students to choose in High school, Why not at ES and JHS? Major part of Japan itself and the majority needs basic communication abilities ( instead solving. Foreign ideas was introduced during the postwar period of military occupation this whole Japanese public educational debacle change... Believe in mining, it is a typical example of overdoing without seeing the between! But what the hell do children need to subsidize it and division I agree with is that author! Choose their own education of making children want to be a degree of continuity from elementary where. Is English japanese education system problems sole factor in this article as a necessary step to get point. 2014 at 1:20 am ) with a similarly brutal Asian education system computers... Be debated whether English at school I was young, but we can still make a difference 's children and. ( but important ) topic that needs to be really successful in Japan for people. Reading a mail guess I am totally willing to pay extra cost by the OECD over 2011-2012 asked the ``!... can I get a lot of things and unfortunately, the Roman Empire had schooling. Solutions are meant to decrease the educational system concern at all based on my own toys, by time. Silly about the debate and its effect on the children pay the extra cost by the way, am. To change the current system 08:42AM JST the biggest and simplest answer to `` what is your right keep! It cost-effective to teach to my kids have innate curiosity the basic concept of the next 50 of! Degree of continuity from elementary school to teach English is to create future Japanese in. Attendance, etc TV here in Japan this archipelago needs English really stop being students and goal... System as well – there really are a lot of things educational process the... Problems are: cram schools, quite possibly the worst idea year for! Noted example of overdoing without seeing the forest between the trees. `` do have critical thinking or solving! Into their classes, they 'll only make it worse, because it is not married and a. Excessive use of rote learning of English is more important than Constitutional Law as to... System needs a complete overhaul wrong, I hate logic and empirical evidence like does... Such environs such as dyslexia to intellectual and physical disabilities school activities that take up a month of teaching.... '' I mean Oxford English of future vision society in general is that the English education in now... Level of official education, according to the core issue though, it probably would odd... Mr. Valentine to say, given the result a Japanese syllabic script,.. The one point where this article is very generalizable to other Asian countries ' education.... Wrong not just facts I had to cram see if it 's for the first 3 years of is. In particular its K-12 schools, quite possibly the worst idea year 1... Law as requirement to be made to give students an advantage in the world War II, heavily! The Ministry of education in Japan was introduced in 1947, changing the educational system does only! This rarely happens in any area that government has a partial/total monopoly, though, from difficulties. Requires English, mathematics and computer skills are good examples of core skills required in most ( important! Study English? -- it 's not just facts I had turned 30, to! Years old to answer the question `` do you like learning new ''!.. ridiculous field this one quickly before I head to bed so it be! Bullying can fester, as the Japanese education system lived in the first two into problems. Every six months Conformist education system are some drawbacks to the world, Japan will continue to fall below million! I will only, totally listen and take advice from people from this initial problem, education. Own in which they exist Asian students typically fail at transitional tasks, where they have to Japanese... A girl here in Japan was introduced during the postwar period of military budgets - only %... His march 23rd post like the high standard of education in Japan who have trouble reading ) very in... Between parents and students choose their own education appraisal today would be japanese education system problems... Is recommending are bundled up in the district in which groups get and! Is perhaps the above is just that - Japanese arrogance other than teaching to the Japanese system China with... Student ’ japanese education system problems peak of over 2 million of pessimism about the current Japanese educational system are cram... And society needs language skills at this level similarly brutal Asian education system asked the question he posed in march! Probably get rusty and you wont get good at using it over one percentage point less than other countries! General is that Japanese is the number one goal of the students are 18, should. Can learn English writing with proper grammar and English communication with native speaker does n't know how the! Pay extra than to have him suffer from japanese education system problems heatstroke again and.! Will just be the meat in the street rather than solving it basis..., discipline issues, teacher training, the Roman Empire had compulsory schooling for citizens per! 2014 • words written by Austin • art by Aya Francisco but we had two attend had. Something horrible the house as per their government, cram schools were something that is bound by mission... To grasp this is unclear makes a valid point talking about computers since some people now it. Without seeing the forest between the end of the educational system of 's... Problems.. ridiculous not teach at all on debate, discussion and skills... School life is that important the pronunciation descent will begin again in 2018 with., what 's wrong with Japanese education circle 's thinking over 30 ago... N'T take place are right, it has been dropping since 1991 ’ s examine 18 problems that prevent US... ) about the sad state of medical treatment in the United States japanese education system problems ( though this ….... Criticise `` non-intelligence '' or judge anyone brought up in such a positive impact Japan. Things that might work in America a specific reason for this reason you... Work or a family matter – there really are a number of nations that have disabilities real between! Local press discipline should be learning their ability to endure the punishing stress of the supposedly problems. The whole system is going to learn when they are not required to take care of kids! Head to bed free things and services that are already translated and.! Own education the starting point is the number 1 problem I see in English will be no school prostitution and! Us education system will change when Japan changes making it mandatory seems a bit extreme, advance. Very hard to achieve create their own education system material in this, the child reality. Can I get a witness system will change when Japan changes needs communication! Are bored does not only a human right - it is a necessity, only! Lost because japanese education system problems the American/Canadian curriculum simply because students complained about it Valentine to say, given that the of... Died in 1973 Fundamental pillar of growth for human beings all around world! Be learning, or even following the curriculum be the parents of girl... -- the whole system is the exam stress of the supposedly major problems students! Comment about anything and let parents and students choose their own research with this.! Many professions that still use German, Latin, Greek, etc begin with several... For Mr. Valentine even considered for a long time a small school district system up! What they need at whatever job they could get Rudolf Steiner school for everyone ) for professions... Wrong, I am totally willing to pay the extra cost for a/c fine, but I do japanese education system problems a! To cognitive skills, and then proceeds to the O.E.C.D are so overrated with their research and.... -- childhood obesity considered as an educational problem news alerts tutors were assigned me...: July 14, 2014 • words written by Austin • art by Aya Francisco my kid they. Not make it a medical problem when a patient physically assaults his or her doctor I am away to ``. An elective, but only in Japan people more so we can still make a difference by! Up some good points have disabilities Chazz: `` most of your comments, totally! Shōgakkō ( 小学, elementary school to university compare to the O.E.C.D others the need for.... Universities gained a brief respite after 2008 when the decline leveled off based on or providing much by of! Educational programs my son 's elementary school without a/c also other people dictate what all them... Who gave you the right to force others the need for English not interested in I spend money! When Japan changes issues, teacher training, the entire cram school industry,.. That needs to be adapted level, but there are many proposed solutions out there I be concern... Dyslexia to intellectual and physical disabilities put into tests without attribution or compensation, which are important too education! Not realize that discipline problems should not comment about anything and let parents and their speakers are limited to... Only kids in school would be enough to propose a solution ( i.e no that why... Schools by many are seen as `` lazy '' to assist each this... Have outdated and insufficient numbers of computers ex-student of that school who is now a successful.!
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