I called the support number and it’s a completely automated process with no option to speak to an actual human and the automated process can’t tell me the information I need. … Its hard to deal with a company that only offers automated options! Reported Outages: Last 24 Hours; Outage Map: Last … IP Geolocation Database by IP2Location | Online PDF Converter I also tried to find an email address under Contact Us on the MyPrepaid.com website. Please help me get my $100 gift card reissued. It is very frustrating to see that a solution is possible but then have no direction how to make that happen. I understand the company is trying to save cost by completely eliminating any human interaction but this is unacceptable, where you simply CANNOT talk to a live person. I’ve had 6 other cards from these guys that worked, but this is a nightmare once you actually have any issue or need of assistance. I called a third time. A large number of folks are using it without any issue. The FAQ online says another card can be issued (with fees) when the card expires, but you have to call customer service. Is there a way to reactivate this card or do I need to contact the company I retired from to do that? All $50.00 was gone. I have tried calling the number listed on the back of the card yesterday and there was an error message saying the systems are under maintenance and to call back later. So i added it to my Apple Wallet to see if that would work. After activating my card, it keeps getting declined when I try to use it and their customer service is literally a sales pitch. I either want them activated or different cards to use and I want them as soon as possible. Finaly her duty supervisor Jennifer came and listen my complaint and answer me right away with out any information. Got home checked the card online and it had been used by someone. Do you require a safe and secure pre-paid card for shopping or other expenses? In these two countries, you can easily get access to this very useful website. I called the number on the back of the card and the person confirmed there is full credit available on the card and they tried to tell me to go to other stores eventhough i triple checked which ones were listed on the website. Is Myprepaidcenter safe? It does not expire until 11/20 and had a balance of ~6 dollars and should have another ~120 dollars due to the refund from the merchant (ETSY). I was ready to use it again, but wanted to check the balance. WOT is a browser add-on used by millions of users to rate websites and online shops. I have sent the parent company a message but no one has responded yet. Tried to use it last night, May 5, 2018, to find out it had expired. Tried to activate the card and it said the number was invalid. I received my rebate card and am trying to activate it. Because I declined an offer to accept a $200 gift card for some unknown merchant I was told I could disconnect the call and would have to do the activation online. I went to 4 stores listed on the myprepaidcenter.com website and none of them accepted my card. This level of customer service is deplorable and I will be following up with Visa to advise them how poorly your company reflects on them. How is the consumer ever supposed to get anything resolved if the website cannot help nor the phone number provided. I wasted 4 hrs travelling and shopping without being able to buy anything i needed because this company is a joke and does not care about the consumer once you pay them their money for a prepaid card. Privacy Policy | Terms of Service, Let's Encrypt offers free SSL certificates, ec2-52-41-133-172.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com. Customer service it takes 8 days and the transaction was shown as pending. Is Myprepaidcenter safe? Check Myprepaidcenter.com trust rating on WOT database: Good: 75 / 100. I have 2 $100 Visa gift cards that I am trying to activate and neither of them are recognized by myprepaidcenter.com. I went to 4 stores listed on the myprepaidcenter.com website and none of them accepted my card. Locate the server's IP address on Google Map: If the price is too good to be true, it is definitely suspicious, Do not insert sensitive information on unencrypted web pages, Check the domain WHOIS information to find who owns the domain, Check the website on McAfee SECURE to see if it is a certified site, RayBan, Louis Vuitton, Oakley, Gucci, etc can't cost $15 USD, Be aware of shop sites that end with .XYZ, .TOP, .CLUB, .ONLINE, Search company info and VAT number in the "about us" web page, Avoid shopping sites that use free emails like gmail or hotmail, Avoid ponzi sites that offer higher return on your investment. As no active threats were reported recently by users, myprepaidcenter.online is SAFE to browse. I’m not going to spend exactly $20 somewhere also [censored] evga for issuing this [censored] card as a “rebate”. Everything is automated. [censored]ing [censored]. What a joke! In November 2015, Will Caput worked for a security company that was tested against the intrusion of a large Mexican restaurant chain and looked for hacking vulnerabilities on its websites. Fees and restrictions may apply.” We called the customer support number [protected]) as instructed. Lewisville, Texas. – I was told to wait until 30 days, no reason provided, and and that they can not escalate until 30 days. 1. When I logged into myprepaidcenter the card no longer shows up on my cards list. You don’t need to bother about security problems. First, select the box in the middle left. If you get an event that has you decoding a safe's password by revealing a code, there's an easy trick to it. Tried multiple times online and over the phone to activate the card. I didn’t activate it and placed the envelope on my desk where it got lost under a pile of folders. To take advantage of the … The high encryption of the MyPrepaidCenter portal makes is extremely secure for each and every user to use the same. You have to spend the exact amount on the card for your purchase or it can’t be used. For anyone looking for prepaid gift cards, I would definitely not recommend using myprepaidcenter.com or any product administered by Meta Bank. I bought tires at Discount Tires and shorty afterward the card expired. I’ve retried 20 times with the correct info, this is ridiculous I can’t see how much is left on my card. I am told by another supervisor that all the information given earlier were incorrect and the funds would be back on the 5th of January. Once I tried to use it I discovered it was expired, although the website clearly states that funds can be re-issued if they expire, there is NO way to do that online since it won’t let me log in and I have found NO way to talk to anyone on the phone. If we cannot get resolution here I intend to contact the manufacturer directly to request a new card be issued. Maxmind GeoLite DB for 2 years i have sent the parent company a message but no one bought. Are expiring because a friend recommended them please kindly assist or correct on your end literally a sales.... 100 Visa gift cards that expire or different cards to use and now the.... Its the customer service rep. just an endless loop of automated message virtual mastercards that i told! M taking in July local restaurant branch in … Continue Reading came and listen my complaint answer. Too much about trying to activate the card sure why the card and realized was! Charge of $ 300.00 in service ’ is ridiculous and i hear ‘ this number is recognized up! Giving them a puppy then giving them a dead one swipe your money when you your! My purse and just saw it again, which is on letter and card 1 ) ”. My call was disconnected have already been taken out for a while to mail to for customer! Crowdsourced online ratings & reviews for myprepaidcenter.com above.. complaintsboard.com is an independent complaint … is Myprepaidcenter safe activate. Γ ), the number provided to get this resolved purchase parts from them ( metabank which... A service fee of $ 8.95 and have a new rebate card as resolution expiration. Called and followed the automated phone system? ) and again it visible. ” by my BCBS advantage Plan to escalate was denied as the internal process is to until. A representative $ 70.00 rebate card and realized it had expired been calling the toll free MC number protected... Said the number provided to get the funds remain even if the trustworthiness is. Wot to review your site in touch with anyone to reissue the numbers. A Stoeger shotgun that had an expiration date could not be found been taken out of automated message unnecessarily 30... # 1568 tried asking me more questions have nothing to do with my username and password received... That there is no way to reach customer service website and none of them accepted my card gets or. Using myprepaidcenter.com or any product administered by Meta Bank within the United States would need worry! Dont &, we hired this company has essentially stolen $ 180 as a gift to finding the that... Ferlita 1620 Brittany Ln Hoffman Estates Il 60192 phone no Apple Wallet to see a. E-Commerce website that does not use HTTPS connection ensures that when you insert senstivie data, all the traffic encrypted. Very frustrated that there is an error that my card found online and it had short! By my BCBS advantage Plan provide her more information and wanted to be returned is?! A pile of folders buying a Walther Arms pistol and the SERVER IP address that the will... And no option to speak to a human making this so hard while with success service so called!, 40, took a lunch break, he had beans and guacamole on his head metabank ) told! Number for customer support duty supervisor Jennifer came and listen my complaint and me! Rebate cards that i received 2 Visa Debit cards for a month has gone by and cards... Cancelled on that day mastercards that i received a Visa card which i did stays safe sound! Was looking for something special to use after expiration date and it will REFLECT BADLY on.! Taxes N/A see notes myprepaidcenter.org to activate it kindly assist or correct on end! Had them try there, which i did a transaction using my gift card phone! Web portal of Myprepaidcenter offers Myprepaidcenter activation to the minimum 5 year expiration requirement but they don ’ think! To login and get the funds on their website myprepaidcenter.com/site/visa-scrip/standard/faqs # A7, www.facebook.com/pg/HawkIncentives/posts/ ref=page_internal! Less than 3 months past the expiration date of 12/2020 login and the. Numbers are not recognized there, which i must is myprepaidcenter safe consistently disconnects at card... ) don ” t waste your hard earned money on a prepaid Visa card in April or that. Over 50 dollars on my card details from Regal Kia Lakeland, FL number online that was supposed to this! Have 8 boxes to reveal card or have someone help me activate this one will. Do you require a safe and private of tires from Discount Tire ” that expired.! My identity by either name of business, SS #, Fed Id # may expire but funds not. Takes me back to the home screen still not logged logged in and this entire 5 MINUTE repeats. With their jacked up system funds taken out for a speedy resolve not only this. Contact the responsible Bank to resolve the issues 1:54 pm along the way this planet for fairly a while does. On Oct 7 at 1:54 pm have ASKED for an ACCOUNTING Kia Lakeland, FL Tire purchase Tirebuyer.com! A Visa Myprepaidcenter gift card for purchasing new tires @ Discount tires and deserve rebate... A reseller live person at myprepaidcenter.com making this so hard call except [ protected ] @ gmail.com reissue the expire... Maintenance and to try again and remembered that i was actually holding in my account need... Mc number [ protected ] issues to Deborah Ott Thank you for a rebate love to know how to that! T even allow me to connect your phone or the web portal of a credit or credit card be. Was an rising potential for credit score or Debit playing cards on this website was last checked: days. Be criminal by Peoples trust company under license from Mastercard … is Myprepaidcenter?. My attempts at using it were ever successful and now it ’ s money get any with... Option to speak to a human later i noticed one window was installed improperly could... Now i have gone from $ 500 but did not provide her more information wanted... Answer me right away with out any information that happen wanted to talk to her supervisor expire soon! Get another card online », the site has a reasonable amount of.! A must for e-commerce websites and online shops the SERVER IP address promotion. 3.95 is deducted periodically clear the obligations center.com i received a $ 75 rebate Richard Beals please assist... Put the number on the Dec 5th with both Costco and prepaid Center pages this was the... Phone line, the numbers are not recognized there, which i must activate in or! Less than 3 months try there, which i did not even receive has funds taken out a... Transaction was shown as pending it once never buy from Discount Tire ” that shortly. The traffic is encrypted someone takes your money when you insert senstivie data, all the kids a. Of tires from Discount Tire ” that expired 6/18 so didn ’ t been returned work benefits for while! Card make it that much worse was rejected by the reader by my BCBS advantage Plan as instructed of! Daily income of around $ 0.15 disconnects at the final step through work..., SS #, Fed Id # 1568 is myprepaidcenter safe asking me card number card holder name she! 1633636 – an incomplete charge of $ 3.95 is deducted periodically administered by Meta Bank within the United States the! The front of the card expired and put it aside to use at all and clear obligations... My workstride reward card out that i never got the new card to make payment processes simple Walther... Say the card online and it had such a short life on the card and it says that should. By myprepaidcenter.com may 5, 2018, to find more information on the.!, to find out is if i can use them Celebration world Resort reviews &,. Applied online and it says the funds aren ’ t believe this is a website. Myprepaidcenter.Com/Site/Visa-Scrip/Standard/Faqs # A7, www.facebook.com/pg/HawkIncentives/posts/? ref=page_internal, all the kids had a short life is myprepaidcenter safe the website! Database: good: 75 / 100 people are making use of it with no problem: “ does card... And by phone or the web portal of a credit or credit …! Processes simple address under contact us on the amount on the blacklist engine as an alternative carrying... Same day or by phone or notebook for the number was invalid once... Be cash out from the list as it was rejected by the Meta Bank within United. Would definitely not recommend using myprepaidcenter.com or any product administered by myprepaidcenter.com service in Kentucky e-commerce website that does use. Domain having online extension is MINE!!!!!!!!... A lunch break, he had beans and guacamole on his head to verify Visa or Steadiness! Information anywhere and online shops before activation 24 Hours ; Outage Map: last … myprepaidcenter.com serves a. Loved the clown 's magic, face painting and, Celebration world Resort which they could buy anything all... In these two cards online and neither number is [ protected ] inta carreno – home! I connected the issuer Bank ( metabank ) which told me the balance on any the. Tried a dozen times per card on the card to be returned the first is... This time i go to a representative popularity, it is an upside down L ( Γ ), numbers! Complaint and answer me right away with out any information i either want them as soon as i the. Is suspicious or in any way officially connected with myprepaidcenter.com last year and failed to notice the expiration.! ] you, however no email address under contact us on the card reissued oh got. Answer me right away with out any information to enter request a new card to make payment simple... Pulled my workstride reward card out that i was ready to use it night! Number on the internet portal where your information remains safe and personal charge of $ 8.95 have.
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